Meet Andre Paradis

~Educator of Effective Communication Strategies~

From STRIPPER to RELATIONSHIP COACH… coming from a fast life of easy sex, I NEVER would have expected to end up a relationship coach. It was exactly this lifestyle, however, that led me to realize the danger of what it could do to myself and others in the realm of relationships.

Through a long journey of self-discovery and education, it has become MY MISSION to help others create and maintain long-lasting and loving relationships.

I created Project Equinox to alleviate the misunderstanding and pain between men and women by teaching the concept of GENDER INTELLIGENCE. When men can understand the perspective of a woman and women can understand the perspective of a man, we can communicate with the understanding and respect that we deserve.

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Project Equinox is dedicated to people looking to master their communication skills for successful relationships and understanding the radical differences between Men and Women. We know what it takes for a romantic relationship to work, whether, straight, gay, lesbian; it’s all the same. Complimentary dynamic is the magic.

  • There’s always something wrong
  • He makes me angry
  • She makes me crazy
  • I need so little, why can’t he just give that to me?
  • She doesn’t appreciate or see everything I do for her
  • We’re fighting all the time!
  • I can’t live like this!
  • I don’t want to break up
  • I wish I could fix this!
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