What do men want?

Isn’t that a loaded question???

Let me give it to you straight and to the point.

Men are looking to be winners in life all together, moment by moment, day by day, all the time. Compete, conquer, win is the agenda on some level… always!

That’s what men do.

A good man, a man of character, already has his life “working” which makes him a winner. What he wants then, is to add to his already working life… which is usually… a good woman. Men want to be in relationships but not for the reasons women want a relationship.

This is what men want:

A good man is looking for someone to enhance his life, to empower him on his mission and to support him in living his life’s purpose…. BAM !!! That’s it !

A good man’s life is already working, so why would he want to give that up??? He doesn’t want to feel trapped, made wrong, nagged, pushed to change or be emasculated…that’s ridiculous! These are all signs that he’s losing , Completely going against his nature.

He is looking for a woman who will help him live his purpose, build a future and a life and often, a family. That’s what a good woman looks like to men.

Yes!! a woman who gets that, a woman who “gets him”, respects him, loves him and supports him on his journey….whatever that may be , will give him the power to win in life. Her support will help him built, conquer and WIN! It’s good for him and it’s good for her.

So obvious to him…maybe not to her but here it is,..That’s what good, healthy men want…and, these men are everywhere!!! You just have to see them for who they are…not what you want them to be. A version of your best girlfriend he will never be.

If you know and do what works for men….everyone wins and… he will cherish you for life !

Andre Paradis

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