I have known Andre Paradis for about 3 years and have sat with him in both group settings and one on one. Andre has the ability to listen to and understand both men and women. He has studied relationship dynamics for years and you can tell this is his passion.
Shawn Lawler
Andre is wisdom and compassion. His way is to create a space of safety and acceptance. That's who he is. Working with him has allowed me to see my world and the people in it with new eyes and have confidence like never before that I can have the life of my dreams.
Andrea B
Not only is Andre Paradis an excellent relationship coach, but he is a huge inspiration to many types of people. On numerous occasions I have walked away from his event feeling enlightened, intrigued, and most importantly, hopeful about my future. Andre is a compassionate and inclusive man, and will help anyone with their relationship by teaching them the importance of complimentary energies– something I used to know little about. This knowledge alone has helped me grow immensely and has given me the tools to recognize what to fix if something goes awry. I cannot thank you enough, Andre, for allowing me to live life with others in a peaceful and harmonious manner!
Tess L.
Andre is a true gem of a person! A truly great teacher in my view is someone who is personable, passionate, available, compassionate, and can inspire you to be a better person not just for your own personal growth but for the people around you.
Aditya Krishina
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