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The Men Series


The Men Series is a live series of events for both Men and Women, that will take you deep into the world of Men to understand what they do, and why they do it! Events are held on a Tuesday, each month, costing $10 per event.


Chemistry, Bonding and Instinct Part 2

Tuesday, December 6th in NoHo, $10.00

Hello all,

Hope this finds you all well and in good health. This is the last one for 2016— “Chemistry, Bonding, and Instinct Part 2.” As you know, Men’s bodies are fueled by different hormones than Women. We know this chemistry stuff influences us, but this month we’ll break down just how much we are entrapped by our chemistry and why is has us sooooo at odds sometimes.

This is huge because when you can understand what is happening in his body and her body, you won’t be able to take his/her actions personally since it really has little to do with you and everything to do with his/her running hormones..
Also, this chemistry stuff shifts as we get older and once again, the rules change.. He’s more sensitive and she’s more straight forward. He needs to be connected more than ever and she can finally say “NO” without feeling guilty. He will encounter specific stages of development in his life that are predictable and natural.
We’ll go into why Men bond later in life…again, chemistry, and why older Women are more free emotionally and sexually.
Curious? Come join us!

RSVP to: by October 30th to get the address if you would like to be a part of this! PRICE: $10.00


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