A New Way


Men want to be Heroes, but society has us believe that Masculinity is bad, harsh and must be contained and dialed down.

Women need to feel safe, but society has us believe that Femininity is weak and that a woman must be strong and powerful to be valuable now a days.

Masculine Men are attracted to feminine energy and feminine Women. Feminine energy brings out the best in Men and makes Men show up as providers, protectors and cherish(er)s of women. This instinct is deeply rooted in Men’s genes and DNA

Feminine Women feel safe around healthy masculine energy. True masculine energy is grounded and stable. True feminine energy is trusting, passive and vulnerable to the masculine. Femininity is to receive and thus respecting of Men’s instinct to give, provide and be Heroes.

The true challenge between Men and Women is finding the balance of Vulnerability and Trust, Giving and Receiving, Respecting and Cherishing and the communication tools necessary to truly understand and negotiate our needs and wants

Andre Paradis

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